November 28, 2011

Dear Members of the Saint Joseph's College Community,

This is just a brief communication about the progress of the presidential search process, one that involves many representatives of all stakeholder groups.

Consultants from Isaacson, Miller will be on campus on December 8 and 9 to interview faculty, staff, students and members of the Search Committee and the Board of Trustees.  A schedule of meetings is being finalized this week. Planned is an open forum for faculty, an open forum for staff, a meeting with the Student Government Council, and interviews with senior leadership staff. I have asked Janet Laflamme to coordinate the schedule and to so advise you.

The consultants will carefully listen to learn and understand SJC's strategic challenges and organizational culture. They need to clearly comprehend the implicit mission, vision and values of the college and to hear you articulate the strategic goals that we expect to achieve with a new president. Following the interviews, they will provide a written summary that identifies the college's strategic challenges, specific expectations and a description of both professional and personal characteristics that an ideal candidate should have.

This step is critical to the remainder of the search process because it establishes a foundation built with your input. For this, I thank you as we proceed with a national search in an unbiased and objective manner that will conclude in the appointment of the most qualified person to be the next president of Saint Joseph's College.


Claire Fraser Bowen, Chair
Board of Trustees