November 15, 2011

Dear Members of the Saint Joseph's College Community,

In honoring my commitment to keep you informed about the status of the presidential search, I write this letter to review the activities of the past several weeks and to briefly describe what is next in the search process.

The Search Committee interviewed consultants from three search firms a couple of weeks ago and selected the one that had the greatest depth of experience and broadest scope of national networking, and who also had an extremely successful track record of placing presidents in Catholic colleges throughout the northeast and beyond. After completing a due diligence process, a contract was signed with Isaacson, Miller of Boston.

Within a few weeks, the consultants will begin their engagement by carefully listening, learning and understanding the college's unique strategic challenges and organizational culture by visiting the college campus and interviewing representatives of the various stakeholder groups. They first want to learn the organization's cultural clues and to understand the implicit mission, vision and values of the college. They will also ask us to make explicit the strategic goals that we expect to achieve with a new president.  Following the interviews, the consultants will summarize, in writing, their understanding of the college, its strategic challenges, the specific objectives and expectations, and a description of the personal and professional characteristics of an ideal candidate.

As I said in my letter of October 18th, the single most important decision that the Board of Trustees will be making in the foreseeable future is that of recommending the appointment of the next Saint Joseph's College president to the Conference of Mercy Higher Education. And again, I cannot underscore enough that the Board is absolutely committed to conducting a national search in an unbiased and objective manner. In the best interest of the college, we are committed to finding the “best fit” and most qualified person to be our next president.


Claire Fraser Bowen, Chair
Board of Trustees