October 18, 2011

Dear Members of the Saint Joseph's College Community,

The single most important decision that the Board of Trustees will be making in the foreseeable future is that of recommending the appointment of the next Saint Joseph's College President to the Conference of Mercy Higher Education. Equally important is the need to keep the college community informed as progress is being made during the search process.

In consideration of the above, I cannot underscore enough that the Board is absolutely committed to conducting a national search in an objective manner. In the best interest of the college, we are committed to finding the most qualified person and the “best fit” to be the next president of the college.  

Thus far we have established a Search Committee, with representatives from the Board, Faculty, Sisters of Mercy, Senior Leadership and Alumni. More specifically, the following people have been named to the Committee: Jonathan Malmude, Sr. Patricia Flynn, John Zerillo, Patrick Carey, Matthew Ginnety, Martin White, Lee Kennedy, Bonnie Newman, Sr. Mary Fanning, Sr. Kathleen Sullivan, Margaret Hourigan, Sr. Joanne Bibeau, and myself.

Request for proposals (RFPs) have been sent to several search firms that are being considered to assist us in the national search. We have asked that they send us their proposals by later this week so that the Search Committee can interview the consultants by the end of this month. Certainly by early November, the Committee will select the firm of choice to be retained after a due diligence process. Thereafter, consultants from the chosen firm will spend time interviewing representatives from the college community to conduct an assessment, identify opportunities and challenges, and define the qualifications required of candidates, as well as delineating the expectations for the in-coming president. Information gathered from stakeholder interviews should be completed by early December.

Following the activities as described above, I would expect an earnest search for the president by the search firm to begin in December, and after a series of meetings and interviews, a position offer could potentially be made to the best qualified individual this spring. We are hopeful that SJC would have a newly appointed president ready to assume her/his responsibilities at or near the beginning of the new academic year. Understand that this is an aggressive timetable.

Please feel free to contact me (cbowen2@comcast.net) with your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns. We all share a common goal – to appoint the most qualified and best person to be the next president who leads Saint Joseph's College to become recognized as the most distinctively superior Mercy- sponsored college.


Claire Fraser Bowen '70, Chair
Board of Trustees