Register your Phone / Game Console

Game Console

Click Here to register your gaming system.


Follow these instructions to register your phone:
(Although these instructions show an iPhone, many other types of phones are compatible and follow a similar process to register.  If you need any assistance, please call the Helpdesk at x7851.)

Connect to the wireless network.  If you need to select the network, it should look something like this.  Verify that your WiFi is ON and that there is a check mark next to WLANSJC (or SJCWLAN).

Return to your main screen.
Go to your internet browser.
You should automatically be brought to the SJC registration page.
Enter your SJC Login (same as your SJC email username and password).  Press the Done button when you are done typing.
Press the LOGIN button. (You may ignore the selection for Wired or Wireless Laptop)